1. Ten More Miles

From the recording A Song to Give


The rain is falling softly on the ground
And the lights are on the Christmas tree
But I don’t need a snowflake to fall
With your arms around me

This time of year
Well, it goes so fast
Hold onto me
And we’ll make it last

Ten more miles and we’ll be home
Right back where you and I belong
So let’s pour some wine and sing along
To our Christmas song

I can feel the changes in the wind
It’s an energy you can't deny
I don’t need to ask for anything at all
‘Cause home is where we find the light

This time of life
Well, it comes and goes
Hold onto me
And we'll take it slow


Turn on the radio
And dance with me real slow
Turn on that Christmas tree
It’s the only light we need

In this crazy life
Let’s sing a song
Hold onto me
We’ll make our voices strong