1. Constellations

From the recording A Song to Give


Pack the car we’re headed west
We’ll find a place halfway to rest
The mountains are already calling me
Grab your suitcase and your hat
Your coffee mug and trusty map
We’re flying past the state lines and the trees

And we see
Dragons fighting bears up in the sky
Warriors and damsels shining bright up high
There's a legend and a hare
Scenes depicted everywhere
In constellations in the stars
Constellations in the stars

We see the desert and the coast
Take sips of beer after we toast
This is the life I thought I’d never see
Diners, Goodwills, and some pubs
We drive until the sun comes up
The road reminds us we’re already free


We travel miles over pavement
Across plains and to the ocean
The terrain is ever-changing
But as long as the sky is clear