1. Tied

From the recording Live at Blues Baltica


When I wake up in the morning
I'm gonna cry
'Cause I've got no one left
Since she said goodbye

Well goodbyes, if you know
They can be hard on your soul
And my soul is just lost
Like it's never been before

I feel it moving in
I'll never make it back
This longing in my soul
Has got me tied to the tracks

When the train rolls by
It sounds just like death
And it might as well be
Sometimes I think it might be the best


When she comes in, she's gonna hate me
And deny she knows my name
But my passion hasn't changed
It's always gonna stay the same

So I crossed a line
It's too late to change
It's all been done
Now, will we remain?

'Cause it's a high speed line
And I'll never make it back
Cause we're laying at the end
She's got me
Tied to the tracks